Social Media, You and Us

As you all know, today all the social media networks have extended their security to prevent spams and scams that ruin social media accounts.

We’re a team of social media marketers who do all forms of social media marketing since 5 years. Our services include twitter retweets, favorites and Instagram likes. Retweets, Favorites and instagram likes would favorite you in optimizing your twitter and instagram presence and search results. Our retweets will be from many different IPs and proxies, so that your post will get re-tweets from all around the world. Customer can decide the amount of retweets, favorites and likes that he/she wants and order us.

Who Need Us Most?

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Most of Actors Specially use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for Promote Their Videos and Events. We Protect Their Privacy as They Need and We Provide High Volume of Promotional Capacity on Them for Their Even Small Events.


Singers Use SouncDloud Plays, Downloads, Loops and Followers on Their Audio Tracks for Gain Their Reputation. They use Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for Promote Music Videos. We Handle Their All Promotional Entries as They Wanted.


Models Use Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for Promote Them as Upcoming Actors. Our Door is opend for Those Social Media Promotions, All the Time. We cover Thousand of Fashion Show Promotions within Single Day.


We are the Third Party Out Source Engine For Brand and Product Promotional Companies. They Serve Their Customers Through us with Their Standard. We are the Law Cost Promotional Engine for Them. That's Why They Choose us.


Most of Huge Corporates Manage Their Own Social Media Network Campaigns By Themself. They Need Massive Amount of Followers and Likes, Comments, Retweets, and Shares for Even Their Single Post. You Know Why and How We Help Them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process an order?
Usually, all orders are started within a time frame of Few Hours. But it can also be shorter than this. Make Sure Your Profile visibility is Public. If it's on Private mode, We can not access it.

Who can join with Gettwitterretweet?
We offer our services starting from individual to company level. And so we do not have any limits. This also means whether you are a small or big firm, you can benefit from our services. Our goal is to promote people or firms.

Are there negative results?
When you choose, you can be sure that you have come to the right place. We have a highly skilled team that has been in this service for some time. Nonetheless, we follow strictly all Twitter policies and therefore there is no way you will receive negative results.

What are the Payment methods?
We accept paypal and payments by credit or debit cards. We accept a variety of internationally approved payment methods. However, in case you have a different payment method, please do not fail to contact us so that we can see what to do.