• - Use videos longer than 1 hour + to get the best effect.
  • - Watch time: 60+ minutes
  • - If you use Video Length 1 hours or 60+ Minutes : 1000 views = 1000+ hours
  • - Video Length: 1-2 hours (Don't put less than that)
  • - Embed Must be Enable
  • - Premiered video, Live stream video Not accept/ Not allowed

Price Per 1000
$ 50.00
Minimum Quantity
Maximum Quantity
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Buying YouTube Watch Hours

It's not easy to make money on Youtube. In order to be monetized, content providers must have 4,000 overall watch hours and have 1,000 subscribers. Anything less, and you get absolutely zero money from Youtube for its ad revenue sharing program. Although Youtube discourages it and uses algorithms to prevent it, the plain fact is that at least initially, many YouTube channels obtain those 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers by buying YouTube Views. Why buy YouTube watch views and subscribers? Simply to become monetized, as well as to provide social proof to other viewers that your video is hot. The plain fact is, that many people won't even touch a video unless it has perhaps a thousand viewers or more. So that social proof can be achieved by buying perhaps 1,000 views of a 30-minute video, from GSR Socia which simply cuts the monetization process down to size. In actuality, the process doesn't hurt YouTube in the least, because obtaining views only count toward monetization, but does not actually gain you revenue. None of our views will normally count toward revenue because rarely will they involve watching an ad. GTR Social sells 1,000 views for a small amount of money, which amounts to about 500 worth of viewing hours, and we can deliver those views within 24 hours of purchase. In fact, we can supply you with a total of up to 10,000 if you want, although very few YouTubers ever need that many views.

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Why You Should buy youtube watch hours?

Simply because that 4,000 total watch hour barrier to get monetized is pretty high. Using simple Organic Traffic, a YouTube Creator can spend three or four months or longer trying to obtain the necessary viewing hours to get monetized. Many YouTubers have revealed that it has taken them as long as a year to a year and a half to get monetized on YouTube, which is quite a long time for just hoping for the small income initial revenue steam that may be at fir a few dollars, owning to the fact that the around 50 percent of viewers either click off your content quickly, or click off after the ad starts, and of course, you get no revenue if people have an ad blocker installed. But despite all these barriers, GTR Socials can quickly help you create a viable program base to turbocharge your YouTube channel, particularly if you follow our advice and buy YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Likes, and even YouTube dislikes, as well as Youtube, comments to make your account look more genuine. You still have to do much of the work and create genuine, engaging content that people are interested in, but we can help you quickly not only get monetized but provide the social proof that others need to take your content seriously.

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What are the hidden benefits you must know?

The first and most obvious benefit is social proof. Whether you Buy 4000 Watch Hours YouTube For Monetization or find that 1,000 Youtube watch hours for monetization is enough to provide the necessary traction to make others sit up and notice about your videos, you are way ahead. The other major benefit is that GSR Social is absolutely legit. We use real and verified viewers to watch your videos, and never use computer bots with the same IP address in order to try to manipulate YouTube. That's important because there are quite a few shady YouTube watch hour services out there that do not use the same, careful results. Want to find one of the best ways for your YouTube watch hours to be significantly reduced? Buy views from companies that are not reputable and do not use verifiable viewers.

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About YouTube Viewership

We may seem like we are repeating information, but YouTube wants a minimum of 4,000 hours of verified viewership. This means, 4,000 hours of actual viewing on YouTube, from verified sources. With GSR Socials, you can obtain all 4,000 hours of viewership from us, but most people find that a mix of YouTube watch hours obtained from us and organic traffic works best. Typically we start delivering your order within 12 hours and the order is completed within 24 hours. However, some people prefer what is called a drip, drip delivery. If you order 1,000 views, for example, we can deliver 100 or 200 at a time rather than the whole amount of views at once. This looks much more natural and mirrors the way that most videos actually acquire viewership. Our company offers customer service support 24 hours per day, and we are very flexible about delivering your opportunity to buy real YouTube watch hours. And if you are very creative and have more than one Youtube channel, then we suggest that you experiment and discover which approach works best, buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube and have them delivered rather quickly, or use the drip, drip method. From experience, we can tell you that we have successful customers that have tried both methods with equal degrees of success.

Benefits of buying youtube watch hours

The benefit of watching Youtube watch hours, as well as buying Youtube Subscriptions is that it greatly accelerates your road to YouTube monetization. And as we said earlier, many people on social media won't even touch a YouTube video unless it has at least 1,000 views. More views attract more attention and allow you to quickly build a fan base quickly. Of course, this doesn't mean that on YouTube or any social platform, you can simply buy views and then let things slide on automatically. If you don't provide genuine and interesting content, whether you are monetized or not, organic viewers will never click on the Youtube ads on your videos page, and you will rarely make a dime in ad revenue. We at GTR Socials like to think of our service as sort of like a booster to your own efforts. You do the work, and we help you get recognized, and on your way. We are extremely proud of our business, and urge you to contact us to see what we can do for you.