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Twitter is trying out a new feature called "Views" which is a fancy way of saying the number of times a tweet has been viewed. This feature is supposedly going to be useful to advertisers and publishers because it will let them measure how many people are seeing their ad. However, not all tweets are going to show this information.

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The 'Views' feature is not the only analytics tool that Twitter is using to better track and understand its users. Twitter will also be measuring the number of hashtags that have been used. If a Tweet uses a hashtag, it can potentially generate hundreds of impressions. Also, the number of times a Tweet is displayed in the timeline is also a measurement. But, as far as Twitter is concerned, the number of views is the real prize.

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Twitter's new Views feature has been in the works for some time. It first appeared on iOS last Thursday and will now be available on Android. While it has not been rolled out to all users yet, it has been reported that some users have already reported the "# views" icon in their apps. The new Views feature is actually part of Twitter's new tweet and profile analytics feature. This new feature includes an in-app analytics tool that allows you to view detailed metrics on your Twitter accounts, including the amount of followers you have, the most recent Tweets you have posted and more.

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